Last updated on 30.10.2023

Last updated on 30.10.2023

Table of Contents:

i. Riepilogo

ii. Definizioni Chiave

iii. Ammissibilità

iv. Obblighi e Restrizioni Generali

v. Termini di Scambio

vi. Politica KYC e di Inversione delle Transazioni

vii. Informativa sul Rischio

viii. Proprietà Intellettuale

ix. Contenuti di Terze Parti

x. Procedura di Reclamo dei Clienti

xi. Interruzione del Servizio, Sospensione e Cessazione

xii. Limitazione di Responsabilità, Disclaimer sulle Garanzie

xiii. Legge Applicabile, Arbitrato

xiv. Varie

i. Riepilogo

  1. Introduzione.

1.1. These Terms of Conditions and any terms expressly incorporated herein (“Terms”) apply to your access to and use of the websites and mobile applications provided by Bintense. is owned  and operated by UAB Green Cliff INC. (the company number 306116484, authorised to Provide virtual currency service, with registered and operational address at Naugarduko st. 3-401, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1.2. By clicking the “create account” button or using the Service, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms  and all terms incorporated by reference.

If you do not understand and accept these Terms in their entirety, you should not register for a Bintense Account or access or use the Bintense Service.

  1.  Ammissibilità.

2.1. You must meet eligibility criteria to use Bintense. You must be at least 18 years old and not citizen and resident of, as well as people staying in, countries where transactions are prohibited by international sanctions or their internal law regulations or countries based on various criteria selected by our AML team.

2.2. L'utente non può svolgere attività illegali utilizzando il nostro Servizio.

2.3. Bintense may suspend your account temporarily or permanently if you are not eligible to use Service or breach these Terms .

  1.  Servizio.

3.1. Bintense provides exchange services between various Fiat currencies (such as EUR, USD) and Cryptocurrencies (such as BTC or ETH).

3.2 We do not: 

a.     provide any investment advice; and

b.     guarantee that our Services or the Site will be available to you at all times.

Our Services are provided without warranty of any kind, and in particular without any implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose.

  1. Rischi.

4.1. Effettuare qualsiasi operazione di scambio nel mercato delle criptovalute può essere rischioso e comportare potenzialmente perdite significative.

4.2. Pertanto, l'utente deve valutare attentamente se l'utilizzo del Servizio è adatto a lui, in considerazione delle sue risorse finanziarie e di altre circostanze.

4.3. Le criptovalute sono intrinsecamente imprevedibili e instabili, continueranno ad esserlo nel prossimo futuro e comportano un rischio intrinseco di hacking, errori di trasferimento e sanzioni governative fuori dal controllo di Bintense.

4.4. Non scambiare fondi che non puoi permetterti di perdere.

4.5. Bintense non è un sito di trading. Bintense non appoggia, supporta o raccomanda alcuna piattaforma di trading. Bintense non è responsabile di eventuali perdite o danni, inclusa la perdita di fondi o di profitti.

4.6. Please don’t use Service if you do not understand these risks.

ii. Definizioni Chiave

Capitalized terms not otherwise defined in these Terms will have the following meaning:

1.7. Per "Tasso di cambio effettivo" shall mean the exchange rate at which an exchange order was executed.

Agreement means this document. (Terms & Conditions).

AML/CTF Act means the Anti‑Money Laundering and Counter‑Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth).

Per "criptovalute" shall mean BTC, ETH and any digital assets that may be purchased, sold via the Service.

1.2. Per "Commissioni di Scambio" shall mean fees charged in connection with the Service at the applicable rates and computation methods specified in the Fee Schedule.

External Account shall mean any financial account of which you are the beneficial owner maintained by a third-party payment service of a financial institution.

Evento di forza maggiore shall mean an event beyond Bintense’s reasonable control, including but not limited to blockchain network failure, equipment for software malfunction, communications or power failure, the action of government, labour dispute, accident, riot, insurrection, war, fire, an act of God such as extraordinary weather conditions, earthquake, flood, or any other cause beyond Bintense’s reasonable control.

1.5. Per "Fondi" shall mean Cryptocurrency or Fiat currency.

Intellectual Property means any works, materials, information and other subject matter of any kind that are subject to or capable of protection by the laws of copyright, patents, trademarks (registered or not); and/or designs and including all design rights, software (whether in source code and/or object or other compiled form), documentation, specifications, and commercial or marketing publications and/or materials that is licensed to, owned, registered, managed and/or operated by Green Cliff Inc.UAB, any Related Entities and/or any other persons or entity associated with the Platform. 

1.6. Per "Tasso di cambio di mercato" shall mean the prevailing market exchange rate, as determined by liquidity providers.

1.9. Per "Servizio" shall mean the exchange of Fiat currency to Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency to Fiat currency.

1.10. Per "Stati Uniti" shall mean the United States, District of Columbia and Insular Possession of the United States.

1.11. Per "Soggetto giuridico statunitense" shall mean as follows:

(a) a United States citizen, resident, a national or protected individual under 8 USC 1324b(a)(3);

(b) a corporation or partnership organised under the Laws of the United States;

(c) a United States financial institution and its affiliates, branches, offices or agents incorporated, organised or located in the United States;

(d) an estate of a U.S. citizen or resident;

(e) a trust controlled by a U.S. citizen, resident, national, protected individual, company or financial institution;

(f) a pension plan of an employee of a legal entity described in paragraph (b) above, unless the plan is for a foreign employee; and

(g) a legal entity organised or incorporated outside the United States, where a U.S. legal entity:

(i) holds a 50% or greater equity interest by votes or value of the entity;

(ii) holds a majority of seats or memberships on the entity’s board of directors; and

(iii) directs, authorises, or otherwise controls the entity’s actions, decisions or operations.1.8. Per "Portafoglio" shall mean any Cryptocurrency address or account owned, controlled or operated outside of the Service.

iii. Ammissibilità

  1. Bintense potrebbe non rendere il Servizio disponibile in tutti i mercati e giurisdizioni.
  2. If you are a U.S. legal entity (see “key definitions”), you are not eligible to use any Service.
  3. L'utente dichiara e garantisce che:

(a) hai l'età legale per stipulare un contratto vincolante; hai 18 anni o più (e almeno l'età legale nella tua giurisdizione);

(b) di avere tutti i poteri e l'autorità per stipulare il presente contratto e che, nel farlo, non violerà nessun altro contratto di cui l'utente è parte;

(c) in your capacity as an employee or agent of a legal entity, corporation or organisation, you are duly authorised to act for and on behalf of your entity, corporation or organisation for the purposes of creating a legal relationship with us through this Agreement;

(d) in your capacity as a trustee of a trust or a partner in a partnership, you must be duly authorised to act on behalf of and legally bind your entity to this Agreement;

(e) will not use our Service if any applicable laws in your country prohibit you from doing so in accordance with these Terms under this Agreement;

(f) are not located in, or a national or resident of any country to which the United States has embargoed goods or services;

(g) comply with our  Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) policies at all times which are stipulated on our website;

(h) have not previously been suspended or removed from using our Service;

(i) not operate or are involved in any Prohibited Businesses at all times and at any capacity; or/and;

(j) any other criteria which we may stipulate from time to time to reasonably assess your eligibility.

(k) you can afford to lose all of your investment as dealing in Digital Assets involves a high degree of risk;

(l) you have taken care to seek to understand the inherent risks associated with dealing in Digital Assets and using blockchain-based software systems, including by carefully reviewing the non-exhaustive illustrative list of potential risks set out in our Risk Warning;

(m) you have sufficient access to computers, internet and software as may be required to use our Services;

(n) any actions on the Site, as well as any Instructions and operations initiated from your Account or using your Account credentials are performed by you; and

(o) you accept responsibility for determining and paying any taxes which apply to you (your Transaction history is available to you via your Account)

You must:

(a) only use our Services where you have independently determined that they are suitable for your requirements;

(b) provide us with any information we may request from time to time in connection with our Services or complying with our compliance obligations;

(c) ensure that any information you provide to us is true, accurate, up to date and complete, and you will inform us immediately if there is a change concerning any information you provide to us;

(d) ensure that you keep any sensitive information (including as regards any password and other security information) safe, secure and confidential;

(e) if you are an individual, not use any Account other than for your own account, nor may you access the Account of any other Member at any time or assist others in obtaining unauthorized access to any Account;

(f) if you are a corporate, not allow any Authorised Person to use any Account other than your Account in their capacity as an Authorised Person acting on your behalf, nor may you allow any Authorised Person to assist others in obtaining unauthorized access to any Account;

(g) keep your login and security details confidential, safe and secure;

(h) notify us immediately of any unauthorised use of your Account or password, or any other breach of security, by email to [email protected]; and

(i) immediately inform us in the event that you are not or for any reason cease to be eligible for our Services.

  1. Se ti stai registrando per utilizzare il Servizio per conto di una persona giuridica, dichiari e garantisci che (a) tale persona giuridica è debitamente organizzata e validamente esistente ai sensi delle leggi vigenti nella giurisdizione in cui ha sede; e (b) sei debitamente autorizzato da tale persona giuridica ad agire per suo conto.
  2. Bintense può condizionare il tuo accesso o l'accesso continuato al Servizio imponendo dei requisiti di idoneità.
  3. Bintense può richiedere che tu dimostri di continuare a soddisfare i requisiti di idoneità.

iv. Obblighi e Restrizioni Generali

  1. Introduzione.

1.1. These Terms  apply to users of the Bintense website.

1.2. By using any of the services as defined below (“Service”), you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms , as updated and amended from time to time. If you disagree to be bound by these Terms , you may not access or use any services.

1.3. Only eligible Persons are permitted to use the Service. Any person that is not eligible to access the Site will be in breach of these Terms .

1.4. These Terms  and the articles of incorporation constitute the entire agreement and understanding with respect to the use of all services.

  1. Conto Bintense.

2.1. L'utente può avere un solo account Bintense per ogni utente del Servizio.

2.2. Quando crei un Account Bintense, accetti di:

(a) Provide accurate, current and complete information;

(b) Crea una password forte che non usi per altri servizi online;

(c) Mantenere la sicurezza del tuo account evitando di condividere la tua password con

terze parti.

(d) informare tempestivamente Bintense nel caso in cui si rilevi un'attività sospetta sul tuo


(e) assumersi la responsabilità di tutte le attività svolte con il proprio account.

  1. Trasferimento di fondi al conto Bintense.

3.1. You may transfer funds from an External Account of which you are the beneficial owner. This includes, but is not limited to, payment service accounts, deposit or bank accounts with a financial institution, or Digital Asset Accounts.

3.2. Un Conto Esterno può essere utilizzato per depositare fondi sul tuo conto Bintense o per prelevare fondi dal tuo conto Bintense.

3.3. Il Conto Esterno deve essere conforme a tutti i requisiti normativi AML/KYC.

3.4. You can deposit funds by credit card. Your deposit of funds to your Bintense account by credit card confirms that you have read, understood, and accepted these Terms . Your credit card payments may be delayed or Rejected.

3.5. La società di gestione della carta di credito o un elaboratore di terze parti potrebbe rifiutare il pagamento con carta di credito. Bintense non sarà responsabile di eventuali perdite, commissioni o spese connesse all'utilizzo della carta di credito.

3.6. L'utilizzo della carta di credito è soggetto a condizioni aggiuntive stabilite dal contratto della carta di credito, comprese le spese aggiuntive.

3.7. In caso di riaccredito, l'utente sarà responsabile di tutti i costi e le commissioni che ne derivano. L'utente autorizza Bintense a detrarre i costi e le commissioni relativi al riaccredito direttamente dai suoi Fondi senza preavviso.

4. Comunicazioni.

4.1. L'utente acconsente a ricevere elettronicamente tutte le comunicazioni, gli accordi, i documenti, le ricevute, gli avvisi, i moduli fiscali e le informazioni fornite da Bintense in relazione al Servizio e al suo account Bintense.

4.2. L'utente accetta che Bintense possa fornirgli queste comunicazioni pubblicandole su pagine web attraverso il Servizio, inviandogliele via e-mail all'indirizzo di posta elettronica da lui fornito e inviando un messaggio di testo a un numero di cellulare. Potrebbero essere applicate le tariffe di messaggistica, dati o altre tariffe del vettore.

4.3. Per accedere alle comunicazioni elettroniche, è necessario utilizzare un computer con una connessione a Internet, un browser web aggiornato e un software per la lettura di file PDF.

4.4. You must keep a current email address, mobile phone number, and mail address on file with Bintense. Bintense will be deemed to have sent you an electronic communication on the date its system indicates that the transmission was made regardless of whether you received or had access to the communication.

4.5. Se l'indirizzo e-mail o il numero di cellulare dell'utente non sono validi e le comunicazioni elettroniche inviate all'utente vengono restituite, Bintense potrà considerare l'account dell'utente inattivo.

4.6. You may withdraw your consent to receive electronic communications by sending a withdrawal notice to Bintense support. Bintense may suspend or terminate your use of Service.

4.7. Se desideri una copia cartacea della comunicazione precedente dopo la revoca del consenso a ricevere le comunicazioni per via elettronica, puoi richiederne una copia contattando l'assistenza Bintense. Bintense ti addebiterà un costo di elaborazione di 0,30 euro per pagina e le spese di spedizione. È necessario fornire un indirizzo postale fisico aggiornato.

5. Natura della relazione.

5.1. The relationship between you and Bintense is one of an independent contractor. We are an independent contractor for all purposes.

5.2. Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to create any other form of relationship. Bintense is not acting as your agent, advisor, partner, broker, trader, intermediary, or in any fiduciary capacity.

5.3. All communication provided to you shall be not construed as advice of any kind, to perform or refrain from performing any action.

5.4 In relation to the Services, we may acting reasonably: 

(a) modify or discontinue any portion or all of our Services, and/or

(b) suspend or terminate your access to our Services at any time, and from time to time, without notice to you. 

5.5 You agree and confirm that we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, suspension, or termination of any of our Services, or suspension or termination of your access to our Services, except to the extent otherwise expressly set forth herein or under a separate written agreement with us. 

5.6 You are responsible for your own access and use of your account with our Services. We are not a money transmitter. We only assist our users in engaging in digital currency exchange and transactions.

6. Tasse.

6.1. È responsabilità dell'utente determinare l'eventuale applicazione di imposte alle transazioni effettuate tramite il Servizio.

6.2. È tua piena responsabilità dichiarare e versare l'imposta corretta all'autorità fiscale competente.

6.3. We are not responsible for determining whether taxes apply to your transaction, or for collecting, reporting, or remitting any taxes arising from any transaction.

7. Uso corretto.

7.1. Utilizzando il Servizio, l'utente accetta di non violare alcuna legge, contratto, proprietà intellettuale o altro diritto di terzi, né di commettere un atto illecito, un crimine o un illecito civile. L'utente è l'unico responsabile della propria condotta durante l'utilizzo del Servizio.

7.2. Senza limitare la generalità di quanto sopra, l'utente accetta di non utilizzare il Servizio in alcun modo che possa interferire con, interrompere, influenzare negativamente o inibire altri utenti dal godere appieno del Servizio o che possa danneggiare, disabilitare, sovraccaricare o compromettere il funzionamento del Servizio.

7.3. L'utente accetta di non utilizzare il Servizio per pagare, sostenere o altrimenti impegnarsi in attività di gioco d'azzardo illegali, riciclaggio di denaro, finanziamento di attività terroristiche, frode o altre attività illegali.

7.4. L'utente accetta di non utilizzare robot, spider, crawler, scraper o altri mezzi o interfacce automatizzati non forniti da Bintense per accedere al Servizio o estrarre dati.

7.5. You agree that you will not use or attempt to use another user’s account.

7.6. L'utente accetta di non tentare di aggirare le tecniche di filtraggio dei contenuti o di accedere a qualsiasi servizio o area del Servizio a cui non è autorizzato ad accedere.

7.7. You agree that you will not develop any third-party applications that interact with Service.

7.8. L'utente accetta di non utilizzare il Servizio per fornire informazioni false, inaccurate o fuorvianti.

7.9. L'utente accetta di non utilizzare il Servizio per incoraggiare o indurre terzi a intraprendere una qualsiasi delle attività di cui sopra.

8. Proprietà non reclamata.

8.1. Se Bintense non è in grado, per qualsiasi motivo, di restituire i Fondi al Conto Esterno dopo un ragionevole periodo di inattività, Bintense può segnalare e rimettere tali Fondi in conformità con le leggi applicabili in materia di beni non reclamati.


  1. Definizione di servizio.

Inviando un ordine tramite l'interfaccia del Servizio, autorizzi Bintense a eseguire una transazione su base spot e ad addebitare tutte le commissioni applicabili.

  1. Accuratezza delle informazioni.

2.1. Devi fornire tutte le informazioni richieste seguendo le istruzioni presentate sullo schermo.

2.2. L'utente dichiara e garantisce che le informazioni fornite sono accurate e complete.

  1. Restrizioni.

3.1. Bintense may at any time and in the company’s sole discretion refuse any transaction order submitted, impose limits on the transaction amount or impose any other condition or restriction upon your use of the Service.

  1. Commissioni di transazione.

4.1. Utilizzando il Servizio, l'utente accetta di pagare a Bintense le commissioni per gli scambi e le transazioni completate utilizzando il Servizio, che possono essere modificate di volta in volta.

4.2. Oltre alle Commissioni, il gestore del Conto Esterno può imporre commissioni in relazione all'utilizzo del Conto Esterno. Le commissioni imposte dal gestore del Conto Esterno non si rifletteranno sulle informazioni relative alle transazioni fornite da Bintense. L'utente è l'unico responsabile del pagamento di qualsiasi commissione imposta dall'operatore di un Conto Esterno.

4.3. Utilizzando il Servizio, l'utente autorizza Bintense, o un processore di pagamento designato, ad addebitare o detrarre i fondi dell'utente per le commissioni dovute in relazione alle transazioni completate dall'utente tramite il Servizio.

4.4. Fees charged with the Service shall be at the applicable rates and computation methods specified in the Fee Schedule. If at any time and for any reason, the Exchange Fees made under these Terms  exceed the maximum rates permitted to be charged by applicable law, the parties hereto agree that the Exchange Fees shall be reduced automatically to the maximum rates permitted to be charged by applicable law.

4.5. Upon your failure to make any payment of fees, commissions, charges or other expenses due to Bintense, Bintense may at any time and in the company’s sole discretion refuse any transaction order submitted, impose limits on the transaction amount or impose any other condition or restriction upon your use of the Service.

4.6. Failure to pay Fees or any other amounts owed to Bintense under these Terms  for more than 60 days, Bintense will charge you 1% monthly interest and/or the maximum percentage permitted by the applicable law to cover Bintense’s loss of income and collection-related costs.

  1. Tasso di cambio.

5.1. Bintense will attempt, on a commercially reasonable basis, to execute the transaction on or close to the Market Exchange Rate after receiving instructions from you with respect to a relevant Transaction.

5.2. You acknowledge that the Actual Exchange Rate may differ from Market Exchange Rate and Bintense will not be liable for any difference or ‘slippage’ between the relevant rates. This may result in you receiving less Cryptocurrency or Fiat currency than you expected when you lodged the transaction.

5.3. You acknowledge that during periods of volatility in the marketplace for any Cryptocurrency, the Actual Exchange Rate may differ from the Market Exchange Rate.

5.4. Bintense will use commercially reasonable efforts to settle exchange orders as soon as possible on a spot basis and up to two (2) days of the date upon which you submitted a transaction order.

  1. Pagamento per un conto esterno.

6.1. Solo i metodi di pagamento specificati da Bintense possono essere utilizzati per acquistare criptovalute. Inviando un ordine di scambio, l'utente dichiara e garantisce di essere autorizzato a utilizzare il metodo di pagamento indicato e autorizza Bintense o il nostro elaboratore di pagamenti ad addebitare il metodo di pagamento indicato.

6.2. Se il metodo di pagamento non è valido o non è accettabile, l'ordine di scambio può essere sospeso o annullato.

  1. Interruzione del servizio.

7.1. In caso di errore nella fornitura del Servizio, nella conferma dell'ordine di scambio, nell'elaborazione dell'ordine o in altro modo, Bintense si riserva il diritto di correggere tale errore e di rivedere la transazione di acquisto di conseguenza o di annullare l'acquisto e di rimborsare qualsiasi importo ricevuto, previa deduzione delle spese applicabili.

7.2. In caso di interruzione del mercato o di eventi di forza maggiore (vedi le definizioni chiave di cui sopra), come ad esempio un guasto alla rete blockchain, Bintense può sospendere l'accesso al Servizio.

7.3. In seguito a tale evento, l'utente riconosce che i tassi di cambio prevalenti sul mercato possono differire dai tassi disponibili prima di tale evento.

  1. Cancellazione dell'ordine di transazione.

8.1. L'utente può annullare un ordine iniziato tramite il modulo d'ordine della transazione solo se tale annullamento avviene prima che Bintense esegua la transazione.

8.2. Una volta che l'ordine è stato eseguito, l'utente non può modificare o annullare l'autorizzazione data a Bintense per completare la transazione.

8.3. Se un ordine è stato parzialmente evaso, puoi cancellare la parte restante non evasa.

8.4. Se un ordine di transazione non può essere completato a causa di fondi insufficienti, Bintense può annullare l'intero ordine o evadere un ordine parziale utilizzando i fondi disponibili.

  1. Nessun rimborso.

9.1. Tutte le operazioni di scambio, vendita e acquisto di criptovalute tramite il Servizio sono definitive.

9.2. Bintense does not accept any returns and will not provide any refunds unless specifically provided in these Terms .

10. Transfers of Cryptocurrency

10.1 We process purchases and/or sales of supported digital currencies according to the instructions received from customers. 

10.2 We do not guarantee the identity of any user, receiver or other party and we are not required to verify the accuracy, validity and authenticity of any instruction. You should verify all transaction information prior to submitting instructions to us and must ensure that any instruction submitted is complete and correct. 

10.2. You acknowledge that the speeds of Cryptocurrency transfer networks are outside the control of Bintense. It may take some days for a transfer of Cryptocurrency to your wallet to be effected. Bintense is not liable for any consequences of failures of Cryptocurrency deposits or withdrawals to be effected in a timely manner.

10.3. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for populating the correct personal wallet address when you seek to make buy or sell  Cryptocurrency orders with Bintense Account. You may lose all your Cryptocurrency if you make an error in populating the wallet address. Bintense does not verify wallet address details and takes no responsibility for any errors in wallet address information that you populate in relation to your buy or sell Cryptocurrency order.

vi. Politica KYC e di Inversione delle Transazioni

  1. A completion of the successful “Know Your Client” (“KYC”) procedure is a necessary condition to use Service. Documents and media files will be uploaded to your Bintense account and stored per Bintense Privacy Policy.
  2. A successful KYC procedure allows a client to use Service and settle client’s exchange order per clause V.5.4.
  3. The documents and media files requested may include, but are not limited to: Valid ID, Proof of Address, Live Identity Verification, Declaration of transaction, Source of funds documentation, Video verification call.
  4. Se un utente rifiuta di completare il processo KYC per qualsiasi motivo, l'Utente dovrà:

4.1. Inform Bintense of refusal to complete the KYC process in writing to Bintense customer service.

4.2. Provide a valid account/wallet for reversal of the transaction.

Bintense shall then initiate a transaction reversal. The user’s funds shall be returned to the user’s account/wallet five (5) days after the date upon which a user submitted a refusal to complete the KYC statement. 5. If pursuant to a KYC process, Bintense will refuse to provide services to a user due to AML policy, compliance directive or any other reason, Bintense shall initiate a reversal of the transaction, and the user’s Funds shall be returned to the user’s External Account/Wallet up to five (5) days of the date upon which a user-submitted a transaction order.


  1. L'utente accetta di accedere e utilizzare il Servizio a proprio rischio e pericolo.
  2. Note that this brief statement cannot disclose all the risks associated with the Cryptocurrency market.
  1. Qualsiasi operazione in criptovalute comporta un elevato grado di rischio e il potenziale di perdite significative. Pertanto, l'utente deve valutare attentamente se l'utilizzo del Servizio è adatto a lui, in considerazione delle sue risorse finanziarie e di altre circostanze.
  2. Bintense e nessuno dei suoi agenti o dipendenti sono consulenti di investimento o di trading.
  3. Using the service, you acknowledge that Cryptocurrencies are inherently unpredictable and unstable and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. The prices of Cryptocurrencies have historically been subject to significant fluctuations and are highly volatile, and there is a risk of total loss of value in relation to any Cryptocurrencies.
  4. Le criptovalute comportano un rischio intrinseco con hack, errori di trasferimento e sanzioni governative fuori dal controllo di Bintense.
  5. Bintense non è responsabile della comunicazione, dell'anticipazione o dell'individuazione di tutti i rischi noti o sconosciuti inerenti ai mercati delle criptovalute.
  6. Devi considerare attentamente le tue capacità, il tuo livello di esperienza e la tua tolleranza al rischio prima di effettuare qualsiasi operazione con le criptovalute.
  7. Non scambiare fondi che non puoi permetterti di perdere.
  8. Bintense non è un sito di trading. Bintense non appoggia, supporta o raccomanda alcuna piattaforma di trading. Inoltre, l'utente riconosce che i rischi sono inerenti e associati all'utilizzo di sistemi di trading basati su Internet. Bintense non è responsabile di eventuali perdite o danni, compresa la perdita di fondi o di profitti.
  9. L'utente riconosce che l'utilizzo di un servizio di scambio basato su Internet comporta dei rischi intrinseci, quali guasti hardware o software e guasti alla connessione Internet. L'utente riconosce che Bintense non sarà responsabile di eventuali interruzioni, errori, ritardi o mancanze di comunicazione che l'utente potrebbe riscontrare durante l'utilizzo del Servizio, comunque causati.
  10. Le criptovalute costituiscono un ambiente in rapida evoluzione e imprevedibile, con un numero infinito di variabili e fattori che sfuggono al tuo controllo o a quello di Bintense. Nuovi rischi emergono in ogni momento, creando rischi di mercato e incertezza. Bintense non è responsabile di anticipare, individuare o comunicare tutti i rischi noti o sconosciuti del mercato delle criptovalute.
  11. Alcuni fattori che potrebbero causare performance negative sulle operazioni sono la volatilità del mercato, le politiche e le normative governative, gli hack e le violazioni della sicurezza con conseguente furto di fondi, la manipolazione dei prezzi e le condizioni economiche o di mercato generali.
  12. Il rischio è l'esposizione alla possibilità di perdita. Confermi che, anche se sembra improbabile, esiste la possibilità concreta di realizzare un rischio che può portare alla perdita totale dei tuoi Fondi.
  13. In determinate condizioni di mercato, il mercato può raggiungere un limite di fluttuazione giornaliera dei prezzi o una liquidità insufficiente, nel qual caso l'esecuzione del tuo ordine di borsa potrebbe essere impossibile.
  14. By using our Services, you acknowledge that:
  • we are not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by you, due to any illicit or fraudulent activity of third-parties; 
  • we do not promote or operate giveaways 
  • we will only communicate with you through the addresses; 
  • we will never call you unexpectedly and without prior notice; 
  • we will never ask you to disclose any of your sensitive authentication credentials, and will never demand remote access to your device; 
  • your Account credentials should be solely used by you, and you shall not disclose your login credentials to any third person or entity (other than an Authorised Person solely acting in the capacity as Authorised Person acting on your behalf);
  • you are responsible for ensuring that the email and phone number which you used for registering your Account will be exclusively operated and kept in private by you; and 
  • you are responsible for always setting 2-factor authentication on your device(s) linked to your Account, and for ensuring that they are solely possessed and accessed by you.


  1. Diritti di proprietà intellettuale.

1.1. Unless otherwise indicated, all copyright and other intellectual property rights in all content and other materials contained on our website or provided in connection with the Service, are the proprietary property of Bintense and its related entities and are protected by international copyright laws and other intellectual property rights laws.

1.2. I contenuti e i materiali possono includere il logo Bintense, i disegni, il testo, la grafica, le immagini, le informazioni, i dati, il software, i file e la loro selezione e disposizione.

1.3. Bintense non consente alcun uso dei contenuti e dei materiali diverso da quello previsto.

1.4. Bintense grants you a limited, nonexclusive and non-sublicensable license to access and use the Bintense content and materials for your personal or internal business use.

1.5. Tale licenza non consente la rivendita dei contenuti o dei materiali. Non è consentita la distribuzione, l'esecuzione o l'esposizione pubblica, la modifica o qualsiasi altro uso derivato dei contenuti o dei materiali.

1.6. Any suggestions, ideas or other materials regarding Service or the company that you provide, by correspondence with support or otherwise, by posting through our Service or otherwise, are the intellectual property of Bintense and its related entities.

1.7. Bintense will own exclusive rights, to any information submitted as suggestions, ideas or feedback to change or improve service (Feedback). Such Feedback is non-confidential and shall become the sole property of Bintense.

1.8. Bintense will be entitled to the unrestricted use and dissemination of the Feedback for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without acknowledgement or compensation to you. You waive any rights you may have to the Feedback, including copyright and moral rights.

1.9. Bintense si riserva il diritto di rivelare l'identità dell'utente a qualsiasi terza parte che sostenga che il contenuto pubblicato dall'utente costituisca una violazione dei suoi diritti di proprietà intellettuale.

1.10 You agree to indemnify us against any loss or damage incurred by us resulting from your infringement of the Intellectual Property rights that vests in the Platform, whether direct by your usage of our Platform and Services or indirectly through other means or uses (whether authorised or unauthorised) of the Platform or Services. 

1.11 Where it is necessary to allow us to provide you with our Services from time to time, you grant us non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, and worldwide licence to use relevant intellectual property belonging to you. 

  1. Marchi.

2.1. “Bintense” and Bintense logo are trademarks of Bintense and its related entities, and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without Bintense’s prior written permission.

2.2. L'utente non può utilizzare alcun marchio, prodotto o servizio di Bintense senza previa autorizzazione scritta.

2.3. L'uso di cui sopra include metatag o testo nascosto che utilizzi qualsiasi marchio, prodotto o servizio di Bintense.

2.4. L'aspetto del Sito e del Servizio Bintense, comprese tutte le intestazioni delle pagine, la grafica personalizzata, le icone dei pulsanti e gli script, è il marchio di servizio, il marchio e/o la veste commerciale di Bintense e non può essere copiato, imitato o utilizzato, in tutto o in parte, senza previa autorizzazione scritta. 

2.5. Tutti gli altri marchi, marchi registrati, nomi di prodotti e nomi di società o loghi citati nel Servizio sono di proprietà dei rispettivi titolari. Il riferimento a qualsiasi prodotto, servizio, processo o altra informazione, per nome, marchio o altro non costituisce o implica l'approvazione, la sponsorizzazione o la raccomandazione da parte di Bintense.

ix. Contenuti di Terze Parti

  1. Durante l'utilizzo del Servizio, l'utente può visualizzare contenuti forniti da terzi, compresi i link alle pagine web di tali soggetti, inclusi, a titolo esemplificativo ma non esaustivo, i link a Facebook.
  2. Bintense non controlla, approva o adotta tali contenuti di terzi e non ha alcuna responsabilità per tali contenuti, incluso il materiale che può essere fuorviante, incompleto, erroneo, offensivo, indecente o altrimenti discutibile.
  3. Bintense non è responsabile per eventuali perdite o danni di qualsiasi tipo derivanti da rapporti con terzi.
  4. Interaction and use of third party content are solely at your own risk.


  1. Note generali.

1.1. Bintense si impegna a garantire il massimo livello di servizio e di soddisfazione del cliente.

1.2. Qualsiasi insoddisfazione relativa ai servizi, feedback o opinione del cliente può essere registrata come reclamo. Vedi le istruzioni riportate di seguito.

1.3. Bintense si impegna a trattare l'utente con rispetto e trasparenza, a gestire il reclamo in modo equo e a fornire una risposta tempestiva.

1.4. La risposta dovrà essere costruttiva e includere una spiegazione e una motivazione, quando possibile.

  1. Come registrare un reclamo?

2.1. Prepara le informazioni identificative su di te e sulla transazione oggetto del reclamo. Le informazioni identificative possono includere:

2.1.1. Il tuo numero di conto Bintense.

2.1.2. Nome e indirizzo completi, forniti al momento della registrazione dell'account.

2.1.3. Numero di transazione.

2.2. Invia il tuo reclamo via e-mail a: [email protected]. Indica "reclamo" nell'oggetto.

2.3. By regular mail, mailing to Naugarduko st. 3-401, Vilnius, Lithuania

  1. Prima fase: indagine sul reclamo.

3.1. Il reclamante sarà informato via e-mail del processo e dei tempi previsti per l'indagine e la risoluzione entro 2 giorni lavorativi. Il nostro personale esaminerà il reclamo entro 14 giorni lavorativi dalla ricezione dello stesso.

3.2. Company response will be delivered to you by email or certified mail.

3.3. Under special circumstances, the company may add 10 days to the examination period above. You will be informed as to the reason for the delay.

  1. Seconda fase: revisione del manager.

4.1. If you are not satisfied with the company response received in stage one, you may request an additional review by a manager.

4.2. Please explain why you are not satisfied with the response received in stage one.

4.3. A manager will review the complaint and the response which was given on stage one within 14 business days. As far as possible, complaints or appeals will be investigated and resolved within 14 working days of being received on Stage Two. If this time cannot be met, you will be informed of why and the alternative time frame for resolution. The alternative time frame can be added to 10 business days.

  1. Stage three: mediation.

5.1. If you are still not satisfied after exhausting stages one and two,you may apply for mediation

5.2. See clause XIII for additional information on how to apply for mediation.


  1. Bintense può, a sua esclusiva discrezione, senza alcuna responsabilità nei confronti del cliente, in qualsiasi momento e senza preavviso, interrompere, temporaneamente o permanentemente, l'accesso a qualsiasi Servizio Bintense.
  2. In the event of any breach of these Terms  by a customer, Force Majeure Event, or any other event that would make provision of Service commercially unreasonable for Bintense, Bintense may, in its sole discretion and without liability to the customer, without prior notice, suspend your access to Service.
  3. A seguito di tale evento, Bintense potrà interrompere l'accesso dell'utente al Servizio, disattivare il suo account e cancellare tutte le informazioni relative.
  4. Any use of our Services for the purpose of facilitating, participating in, or acting in relation to any Prohibited Uses, as set forth above and further specified in the applicable schedule 2  to this Agreement, or suspicion of such Prohibited Uses, or any other circumstances that we hold or suspect in our discretion to be unreasonable, can lead to service disruptions, changes in services, account termination, suspension, deactivation, restriction or lead to reporting such activities by us to law enforcement agencies. 
  5. We are permitted to terminate, suspend, discontinue, or restrict our Services or your account due to reasons including, but not limited to, the following circumstances:

(a) a person logged into your account is not you; 

(b) we have determined or suspect that the account has been used by you or another party for any Prohibited Uses, operated for a Prohibited Business as specificed in the applialbe schedule 1 of this Agreement  or other erroneous, fraudulent, unlawful, or unauthorised purposes;

(c) information that you have provided to us is incorrect, untruthful, or incomplete or has become outdated or irrelevant or there are issues with any further verification of your identity;

(d) there are reasonable concerns or suspicions in relation to your financial status, including:

(i) you become bankrupt of unsound mind, commit an act of bankruptcy, or an action was commenced against you in relation to bankruptcy;

(ii) as a corporation, you are unable to pay debts that are due and payable or an action is commenced against you in regard to insolvency, receivership, administration, judicial management, or other relevant proceedings;

(iii) a meeting with your creditors or an intention or realisation of any intended compromise or arrangement with or any assignment for the benefit of any relevant creditors was convened or implemented;

(iv) you breached any of the Terms of this Agreement;

(v) you breached any explicit or implied warranties or representations;

(vi) there are any unpaid monies owed to us or our Related Entities that have not been paid within a reasonable time; 

(vii) we are not able to contact you or communicate with you through any means within a reasonable timeframe in the circumstances; 

(viii) as required by applicable laws and regulations; or 

(ix) other reasons that we deem reasonably necessary in our discretion which are valid and legal under prevailing laws and regulations.

  1. If you believe you are using our Services for or in connection to any one of the purposes of the Prohibited Uses, or are unsure whether your use or intended use may be a Prohibited Use, you must contact us directly without delay and refrain from using our Services until we have addressed any potential issues.
  1. In caso di chiusura dell'account, Bintense tenterà di restituire i fondi presenti sul tuo conto dopo aver dedotto le spese dovute.

xii. Limitazione di Responsabilità, Disclaimer sulle Garanzie

  1. Limitazione di responsabilità.

1.1 Notwithstanding any other clause in this Agreement, in no event shall we, our parent companies, Related Entities, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, joint venturers, employees and suppliers liable or responsible to you or any other person for: 

(a) General liabilities

(i) any direct or indirect losses, including but not limited to lost profits, loss of revenue, loss of opportunity or any special, indirect, punitive, exemplary, incidental or consequential damages or costs arising out of or in connection with our Platform, our Services, your account or this Agreement (howsoever arising, including negligence). 

(ii) in relation to a dispute (which has not been formally instigated through a legal action within one calendar year of the circumstances giving rise to the dispute), any losses forming part of part of such dispute. 

(iii) any direct or indirect losses, or damage caused by any viruses, phishing, spoofing, or any forms of malware or other attacks that may affect you, your computer, any of your electronic devices, equipment or other relevant hardware or reasonable loss arising from the negligence of or by us or contingencies beyond our control in procuring, compiling, interpreting, computing, reporting, or delivering our services. 

(b) Tokens, Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets

(i) any loss, theft, errors, malfunctions, corruption, destruction, unauthorised access or other damage of any tokens, cryptocurrencies, digital assets or any value held, whether due to external causes, hacking, technical failures, or any other causes which cannot be reasonably mitigated by us and those which may occur from time to time.

(c) Blockchain Technology and Protocols

(i) any disruptions, errors, delays, vulnerabilities or other consequences arising from the use of blockchain technology, or any harm occurring as a result of the inability to reverse a transaction, and any losses in connection therewith due to erroneous or fraudulent actions or other potential adverse events or adverse consequences. This includes but is not limited to:

(d) Consensus Mechanisms 

(i) any issues arising from the consensus mechanisms employed by a blockchain, including proof of work, proof of stake, or other consensus algorithms. 

(e) Forking and Network Upgrades

(i) any reasonable consequences arising from network forks, upgrades, or other changes to the underlying blockchain protocol. This includes circumstances and events which may result in the creation of new digital assets, potential instability, and uncertainties within a blockchain network.

(f) Network Congestion

(i) any reasonable delays, failures, or disruptions caused by network congestion or overload within the blockchain network. This includes circumstances where there may be high demand and transaction volumes can impact the speed and efficiency of blockchain transactions.

(g) Smart Contracts

(i) any losses or damages resulting from the execution of smart contracts, including but not limited to technical malfunctions, bugs, vulnerabilities, unintended consequences or other reasonable issues within the code of such contracts or those that are not capable of being reasonably mitigated by us.

(h) Malicious code 

12.1.2(i) any losses, damages, delays, disruptions or failures caused by malicious code or malware that may affect the Platform, tokens, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, protocols, smart contracts and the provision of Services. 

  1. Indennità.

2.1. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Bintense, its directors, members, employees, agents, officers,  Related Entities, parent companies, and affiliates from any claim, demand, action, damage, loss, cost or expense, including reasonable legal fees, arising out or relating to your use of, or conduct in connection with, the Service, your violation of Terms , your violation of any rights of any other entity.

  1. Disclaimer sulle garanzie.

3.1. Bintense provides services on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

3.2. Bintense declina espressamente, e l'utente rinuncia, a tutte le garanzie di qualsiasi tipo, espresse o implicite, incluse, a titolo esemplificativo, le garanzie implicite di commerciabilità, idoneità per uno scopo particolare, titolo e non violazione, anche per quanto riguarda le informazioni, i contenuti e i materiali in essi contenuti.

3.3. Le informazioni che l'utente memorizza o trasferisce attraverso i servizi di Bintense possono andare irrimediabilmente perse, corrompersi o diventare temporaneamente indisponibili a causa di varie cause, tra cui, a titolo esemplificativo ma non esaustivo, guasti al software, modifiche al protocollo, eventi di forza maggiore, attacchi denial-of-service, manutenzione o altre cause. L'utente riconosce il rischio di cui sopra e conferma di essere l'unico responsabile del backup di qualsiasi informazione memorizzata o trasferita tramite il Servizio.


  1. Giurisdizione.

1.1. The Terms  shall be governed by, construed and enforced according to the laws of Lithuania for and you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in those jurisdictions.

  1. Risoluzione dei conflitti.

2.1. The parties shall use all reasonable efforts to amicably resolve any dispute or controversy arising directly out of this Agreement. In the event of a dispute which cannot be resolved by the parties themselves, parties, under separate express arrangements, may commence a mediation proceeding. The mediation will be conducted by a mediator, and in accordance with the rules prescribed by, the Resolution Institute. A mediation award, in the event of initiation such proceedings by both parties, shall be final and binding upon the parties. This clause does not limit the rights of the consumer provided by consumer protection legislation, or the right of any party to pursue any other remedies, including claim remedies before any competent court.


  1. Intero Accordo.

1.1. These Terms  contain the entire agreement between you and Bintense, and supersede all prior and contemporaneous understandings between the parties regarding the Service. Both parties hereby acknowledge that it has not relied on and shall have no right or remedy in respect of, any representation, assurance, warranty or statement, whether made directly or implied or due to negligence, other than as expressly set out in the terms of this Agreement.

  1. Emendamento.

2.1. Bintense reserves the right to make changes or modifications to these Terms  from time to time, in Bintense’s sole discretion, by posting the amended Terms  on the website, and by communicating these changes through any written or other contact methods, we have established with you.

2.2. I Termini modificati entreranno in vigore immediatamente dopo tale data e l'utilizzo del Servizio da parte dell'utente dopo la data di pubblicazione dei Termini modificati costituirà il consenso a tali modifiche.

  1. Rinuncia.

3.1. Bintense’ failure or delay in exercising any right, power or privilege under these Terms  shall not operate as a waiver.

  1. Severità.

4.1. The invalidity or unenforceability of any of these Terms  shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other Terms Use, all of which shall remain in full force and effect.

4.2 Set – Off

In conjunction with any legal or other remedies available under this Agreement or by law, we may set-off any amounts you owe to us under this Agreement or otherwise. Except as required by law, you must make all payments that are owed to us free and clear without any set-off, counterclaim, deduction or withholding of any kind.

4.3 Conflicts of interest using

We have taken relevant and reasonable steps to identify, manage and prevent conflicts of interest from adversely affecting the interests through any conflicts of interest between us, users and relevant third parties. We reserve the right at all times to decline to act for you where we are not able to manage a conflict of interest in any other way.

  1. Titoli descrittivi.

5.1. The descriptive headings of the Terms  are inserted for convenience only and do not constitute a part of the Terms .

  1. Assegnazione.

6.1 You may not assign or transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms of Use, including in connection with any change of control.

6.2 Your rights or obligations under this Agreement cannot be assigned without our prior consent in writing. Bintense may assign or transfer any or all of its rights under these Terms of Use, in whole or in part, without obtaining your consent or approval.

6.3 Bintense may assign any or all of its rights under this Agreement in whole or in part by giving you reasonable notice in writing. Your contractual rights under this Agreement will not be detrimentally affected by the assignment.

  1. Sopravvivenza.

7.1. The following clauses shall survive termination or expiration of these Terms :

7.1.1. (III) Ammissibilità

7.1.2. (IV) Obblighi e restrizioni generali: (2) Conto, (4) Tasse, (5) Proprietà non reclamate.

7.1.3. (V) Termini di scambio

7.1.4. (VII) Informativa sul Rischio

7.1.5. (VIII) Proprietà Intellettuale

7.1.6. (X) Limitazione di Responsabilità

7.1.7. (XI) Applicable law, arbitration 7.1.8. (XII) Miscellaneous

Schedule 1 – Prohibited Businesses 

The following categories of businesses, business practices, and sale items are barred from our Services (“Prohibited Businesses”). By opening an account, you confirm that you will not use our Services in connection with the following businesses, activities, practices, or items and immediately notify us if your use of our Services relates to:

1. Operating as an unlicensed money transmitter, money service, payment service provider, e-money, or any other financial services business which requires licensure, including but not limited to exchanges of virtual currencies, sales of money orders or traveller’s checks, and escrow services;

2. Counterfeit products or any product or service that infringes upon the copyright, trademark, or trade secrets of any third party;

3. Stolen goods or goods acquired through illicit means, including but not limited to fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, corruption or deceit;

4. Illegal narcotics, controlled substances, prescription and pharmaceutical services, drug paraphernalia, or any substances designed to mimic illegal drugs;

5. Illegal or prohibited gambling;

6. Illegal or prohibited sports forecasting or odds making;

7. Illegal escort services;

8. Violent acts towards self or others, or activities or items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others regarding the same;

9. Funding any of the items included on this Prohibited Businesses list;

10. Extortion, blackmail, or efforts to induce unearned payments;

11. Unlicensed sale of firearms and certain weapons;

12. Engaging in deceptive marketing practices; or

13. Any business that violates any law, statute, ordinance or regulation.

Schedule 2 – Prohibited Users

You may not use your Account to engage in the following categories of activity (“Prohibited Use”). By opening an Account operated by us, you confirm that you will not use your Account, whether directly or indirectly, and immediate notify us if your use relates to:

14. Violating or assisting any party to violate any law, statute, ordinance, regulation or any rule of any statutory body, government authority, judiciary, self-regulatory or similar organisation of which you are or are required to be a member (for example, those laws, rules, or regulations governing financial services, controlled substances, or consumer protections);

15. Undertaking or partaking in a transaction or activities which involves the proceeds of any unlawful activity;

16. Undertaking or partaking in activities that may constitute or result in an unlawful activity or harm to us or third parties, including those involving:

(a) Unauthorised Financial Institutions and Money Service Businesses

Unlicensed money transmission, unlicensed financial services, and other unregulated financial operations. This also includes securities brokers, unlicensed investment vehicles, check cashing services, collections agencies, and bail bonds;

(b) Drugs and narcotics

Illegal narcotics, drug paraphernalia, commercial drugs and other controlled substances, and other mind or body altering substances presenting a public health risk;

(c) Stolen Items

Stolen goods including digital and virtual goods, all goods for which seller does not have clear rights of ownership, licence, or possession;

(d) Shell Companies

Entities that appear to have no genuine business purpose or are otherwise designed to operate for a purpose other than that which they purport to operate under are prohibited;

(e) Bearer Shares Entities

Customers transacting with, on behalf of, or in relation to entities for which the identity of beneficial owners are not known and in which ownership stakes are freely alienable are prohibited;

(f) Adult Services and human trafficking

Services involving illegal prostitution, sale of illegal pornographic materials, and forms of human trafficking;

(g) High Risk Entities

Any individual, group, or entity deemed to pose an inordinately high risk to us, our Related Entities, our customers, or other third parties may be considered unacceptably high risk and an unauthorised user;

(h) Violence

Violent acts towards self or others, or activities or items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others regarding the same;

(i) Coercion

Extortion, blackmail, or efforts to induce unearned payment;

(j) Weapon Sales

Unlicensed sale of firearms and certain weapons;

(k) Money laundering and terrorism

Any acts relating to money laundering, terrorism, terrorism financing and proliferation financing and other unlawful activities, as regulated under the AML/CTF Act, or other related legislation and any amendments thereto; and

(l) Investment Schemes

Facilitate investment schemes such as pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes, network marketing, unlicensed investment vehicles, deceptive charity schemes, referral marketing programs or multi-level marketing programs;

17. Undertaking or partaking in any transaction involving illegal or prohibited gambling, including the conduct of online gambling, lotteries, casinos and informal gambling, gaming operations, sports betting, and other games of chance and forms of speculation not authorised or licensed by a government agency duly empowered by law to licence or authorise the conduct of such activities;

18. Defrauding or attempting to defraud Green Cliff Inc Services, our Related Entities, our directors, employees, agents, representatives or other users on the Platforms;

19. Infringing or engaging in activities or transactions that infringe upon any copyright, patent, trademark, or intellectual property rights registered under Green Cliff Inc  Services or any third parties whether in Lithuania or other authorised intellectual property registers;

20. Undertaking or partaking in fraud or provision of any false, deceptive, inaccurate or misleading information to us, our users, our Related Entities, or other third parties for pecuniary gain or other ends;

21. Taking any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure, or detrimentally interfere with, intercept, or expropriate any system, data, or information;

22. Interfering with another individual’s or entity’s access to or use of any of our Services;

23. Defaming, abusing, harassing, stalking, threatening or otherwise violating or infringing the legal rights (such as, but not limited to, rights of privacy, publicity and intellectual property) of others;

24. Publishing, distributing or disseminating any unlawful material or information;

25. Transmitting or uploading any material to our Platforms that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or any other harmful or deleterious programs;

26. Harvesting or otherwise collecting information from our Platforms about others, including without limitation email addresses, without proper consent;

27. Acting as a payment intermediary or aggregator or otherwise resell any of our Services, unless expressly authorised by Green Cliff Inc Services in writing;

28. Transferring any rights granted to you under this Agreement;

29. Using the account information of another party to access or using our Platforms;

30. Otherwise attempting to gain unauthorised access to the Platforms, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to our Platforms, through password mining or any other means;

31. Taking any action that we deem as circumventing our controls, including, but not limited to, opening multiple or abusing promotions which we may offer from time to time.


Due to the potential for losses, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) considers this investment to be high risk.

What are the key risks?

1. You could lose all the money you invest.

  • The performance of most crypto assets can be highly volatile, with their value dropping as quickly as it can rise. You should be prepared to lose all the money you invest in crypto assets.
  • The cryptoasset market is largely unregulated. There is a risk of losing money or any crypto assets you purchase due to risks such as cyber-attacks, financial crime and firm failure.

2. You should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. 

  • The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) doesn’t protect this type of investment because it’s not a ‘specified investment’ under the UK regulatory regime – in other words, this type of investment isn’t recognised as the sort of investment that the FSCS can protect. Learn more by using the FSCS investment protection checker here:
  • The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) will not be able to consider complaints related to this firm. Learn more about FOS protection here:

3. You may be unable to sell your investment when you want.

  • There is no guarantee that investments in crypto assets can be easily sold at any given time. The ability to sell a crypto asset depends on various factors, including the supply and demand in the market at that time.
  • Operational failings such as technology outages, cyber-attacks and comingling of funds could cause unwanted delays, and you may be unable to sell your crypto assets when you want.

4. Crypto asset investments can be complex.

  • Investments in crypto assets can be complex, making it difficult to understand the risks associated with the investment.
  • You should do your own research before investing. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

5. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Putting all your money into a single type of investment is risky. Spreading your money across different investments makes you less dependent on anyone to do well.

A good rule of thumb is not to invest more than 10% of your money in high-risk investments:

If you want to learn more about protecting yourself, visit the FCA’s website here:

For further information about cryptoassets, visit the FCA’s website here: