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Welcome to the Bintense!

Your privacy and security is our main objective. We have developed an impeccable safeguard system that excellently counters any threat to your data, funds, and transactions. Every transaction is carefully screened and reviewed, not only for the platform's security but also for yours.

Bintense offers a cryptocurrency exchange that is guaranteed safe, efficient and convenient. Anyone, whether new or experienced, may buy and sell crypto at competitive rates and in a 'worry-free' environment, thanks to the technologies we deploy.


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Exchange swiftly and securely. At Bintense, all of your funds are transferred using the safest possible methods.

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We use cutting edge technologies to secure your transactions.


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The platform

The platform is built for your convenience, based on time saving and easy to use methods.

Professional support

A highly experienced customer support staff is at your disposal for any issue you may have.

We put safety first

Our KYC process is simple and secure:

Your personal information is completely encrypted with cutting-edge technologies. 

We verify our client’s identity at the highest level of compliance through AML and KYC checks.

We are always one step ahead! Our multi-layer security protocol ensures the highest standards of client safety. 

KYC verification helps us manage risks by verifying that every customer using our platform is not a risk to us or, more importantly, to you. This step is obligatory to any client wishing to exchange.

KYC is developed to avoid the risk of identity theft, money laundering, financial fraud, and criminal organisation financing.

We are here six days a week, from Monday till Saturday 10:00 – 02:00 GMT+3. On all other hours, you can email the support, and we will be in contact with you in less than 24 hours.